MobiArch 2019

Workshop on Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture
to be held in conjunction with ICNP 2019,
Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 7, 2019

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The program committee is delighted to invite you to the 14th Workshop on Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture (MobiArch) 2019. The workshop will be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 7, 2019. MobiArch is co-located with IEEE ICNP 2019.

Aim and Scope

Recent years have witnessed not only mobile devices surpassing stationary Internet hosts in numbers, but also exponential growth of mobile data traffic due to ubiquitous penetration of portable devices, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, user-generated content sharing, and user-centric applications such as augmented/virtual reality. In the meantime, mobile devices continue to increase in their computing power, as well as the network infrastructure is in the process of transforming from a hardware-dominated landscape to an increasingly virtualized and software-defined system with computing moving to the cloud, edge, and the fog to alleviate the processing load on the mobile devices. The increasing ability to collect and process large amounts of data pertaining to network, devices, and users is posing new challenges to network design, in which, for example, resources are provisioned in either centralized global data centers or local servers close to the network edge, or both interacting with one another. As these trends continue, a reexamination is urgently required for the architecture of the mobile-centric Internet. Particularly, there is a need to deal with new opportunities and challenges as a result of the support of massive amounts of shared contents and processing functionality, the availability of software defined architectures and possibly dynamic/mobile virtualized network functions, the computational/storage support from both the cloud and edge/fog computing, and the emerging spectrum access techniques.

MobiArch 2019 has mobile Internet architectures evolving toward full exploitation of virtualization and edge/fog computing as the central theme, a new rising and challenging networking environment that mixes the design of virtualized infrastructures and application components for mobile networks/services with the mobility of users/devices and the challenging analysis of huge data volumes generated by mobile networks, devices, M2M communications, and applications. The emergence of cloud-dependent mobile services and the widespread growth of user-generated data, as well as the ever-increasing use of cellular and wireless technologies, are leading to the collection of a vast amount of user mobility data as well as measurements of network states and service provisioning elements. In this context, various networking challenges arise, such as seamless IP mobility management, algorithm design to correlate user mobility and application usages, the online or offline exploitation of large amount of mobility and usage data from the access network and user devices, investigating possibility of offloading computing/storage tasks from mobile hosts to the cloud but also to edge nodes and both, algorithm design to correlate traffic offloading to content offloading and application offloading as a consequence of mobile data analysis, pattern inference and estimation, and multi-connectivity technology exploitation for QoS, and extreme reliability and low-latency in challenged scenarios. To tackle these challenges, various issues need to be addressed, such as efficient mobility management and optimization, multi-homing, efficient transport over heterogeneous wireless access options, users’ incentives to reduce network congestion, incentives for network providers to deploy new/alternative mobile Internet infrastructures, incentives for service developers/providers to define new mobile services, efficient and quality-aware mobile multimedia content distribution, information-centric and mobility-aware networking solutions, collection and management of mobile M2M data in 3-layers infrastructures with edge/fog computing and the cloud, new business models for mobile data, security and privacy, as well as related operational concerns and legal issues.

MobiArch 2019 welcomes submissions from both researchers and practitioners from academia and industry that explore challenges and advances in architectures, algorithms, protocols, middleware, and technologies in the current Internet or in the future clean-slate Internet. The workshop has specific focus on all topics that target to support mobility, with an emphasis on new network design for high performance mobile applications and services, efficient support of mobile contents, software-defined architectures, data-driven mobile network management, as well as cloud-/edge-/fog-aware architecture and services. In addition, we encourage work-in-progress and position papers that describe highly original ideas, present new directions, or have the potential to generate insightful provocative discussion at the workshop.

Important Dates

Full paper submissions due July 20, 2019
Notification of acceptance Aug 10
Aug 16, 2019
Camera ready due Aug 15
Aug 23, 2019
Workshop date October 7, 2019


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