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This page is an archive of beautiful sentences from high-quality publications.

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Minerva is able to ameliorate the drawbacks of connection-level fairness by dynamically modifying a video's rate allocation to optimize a QoE fairness metric. End-to-End Transport for Video QoE Fairness, SigComm'19 1. 学到新表达: ameliorate the drawbacks;2. 句式简单但表达内容丰富(设计Minera的目的以及实现Minera的方式),一句话的总结 Weifeng
Let A denote the set of protected attributes of an individual, variables that must not be discriminated against in a formal sense defined differently by each notion of fairness discussed. Counterfactual Fairness, NeurIPS'17 此句使用"not be discriminated against in"这个词组来表述“不能因fairness概念的不同使variables 受到歧视”,我觉得蛮有意思,如果是我写这个句子就只会使用这个单词的名词形式“避免xxx造成的discrimination ”这样,也可能它在这个研究方面是惯用表述,但我尚属第一次看到还是觉得挺特别的。 Yuhong