Tutorial: Grammarly

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This page list the steps that need to be done before using Grammarly for proofreading.

Converting PDF to Word

Open the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat: File -> Export -> MS Word -> Word Document

Removing Convertion Errors

We need several procedures to be done before running Grammarly, to avoid too many false error reports.

  1. Ctrl+H
  2. Replace ' ' as ' ' (multiple spaces -> single spaces, replace multiple times till nothing can be replaced)
  3. Replace '-^p' as '- ' (there's a space after '-')
  4. Replace '(?)- (?)' as '\1\2' (1. there's a space after '-'; 2. need to check the wildcard-通配符 box)

Now most remaining errors should be grammar-related.

Run Grammarly

You can either use the app or word plugin. The latter is recommended.