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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)

关于System level support for IoT的讨论

Wenliang (talkcontribs)


Jiwei (talkcontribs)

因为mmWave的路径损耗非常严重,以前的mmWave系统将blockage视为非常大的problem,因此当line of sight被阻挡时,需要寻找其他indirect path,使得信号到达AP时的强度尽量大。

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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)

paper1 无线链路的动态性怎么体现的?链路变化的频率与算法更新的频率应该一致,但是链路变化频率是不可预测的

Zhiwei (talkcontribs)

paper3 切分过程1) 没考虑NFV成本,2) 没考虑识别过程(切分会影响识别结果,比如一个物体切成两半)

Zhiwei (talkcontribs)

service placement 多接入+edge network?? 和分别问题有什么区别, SFC?

Shuchang (talkcontribs)

service placement for MAR,这里可以考虑不同服务的放置问题,比如重量级的识别算法和相应数据库 部署于边界较近的地方。

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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)
关于Tutorial 1-3 的问题及想法都写在这里
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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)


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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)
关于Path programming的问题及想法都写在这里
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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)
关于VR Streaming的问题及想法都写在这里
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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)

关于Federated learning的问题及想法都写在这里

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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)
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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)
关于LoRa session的问题及想法都写在这里
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Zhiwei (talkcontribs)

关于Systems and protocols, edge-based apps的问题及想法都写在这里

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