Xinyuan is currently a Postgraduate at College of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) . He is a member of next generation mobile internet research centre(NGMI).He got his Bachelor degree in 2017 and now is engaged in the research of mobile edge computing technology(MEC).

Professional skills


  • Matlab
  • Flash
  • Dreemweeaver
  • Visio studio

Program Languages

  • C
  • C plus
  • Java
  • Python


   Sports:basktball,ping pong,badminton
   Cheese:Chinese cheese,backgammom,go
   Anime:Naruto,Death Note,The Legend of Qin
   Fictions:Oliver Twist,Snow Country,:Love in a Fallen City
   Movie:The Legend of 1900,Love Letter,Hana and Alice


Mobile Edge Computing is an emerging technology that provides cloud and IT services within the close proximity of mobile subscribers. Traditional telecom network operators perform traffic control flow (forwarding and filtering of packets), but in Mobile Edge Computing, cloud servers are also deployed in each base station. Therefore, network operator has a great responsibility in serving mobile subscribers.

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